Morocco – surf and other impressions of Taghazout

Here some more surf and surrounding pictures from the last days. Some of the sets were quite big. We surfed La Source and Mysteries and are still hoping to get Anchor Point when it’s not so crowded. But this seems surreal.

The currents at all the points can get quite strong, already when it is not that big, therefore we are looking forward to the Hammam in Agadir this afternoon. Later we are heading back to Immesouane, to surf the long pointbreak back there. Supposedly it is not that crowded, at least compared to some spots around Taghazout.

Last but not least, the girls found a new Bruno (thats how we call “our” dogs during traveling), as you may have guessed on some pictures..

Ah, and we are starting the picture of the week series again..


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