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  1. Valerie Cook
    Valerie Cook at |

    and .. have you made a conclusion yet? We’re gonna buy a 7d tomorrow the plan was with a 18-135, what did you not like about it.. what would you recommend? 

    1. Baguslife
      Baguslife at |

      hey valerie, how are you guys? where are you now?

      well, the 18-135 is actually a great general purpose lens BUT it is not really fast and not as sharp as other lenses. After a weekend with a friends Canon 17-55mm F2.8 we just had to buy this lens. It is quite expensive, but the lens is amazing. It really makes a difference..

      I would suggest to either buy just the body (if it makes a big price difference) or buy the package and sell your lens.. we received 215.- CHF when we sold it over Ricardo.ch….

      Have a look at this review.. I don’t have enough experience with other general purpose lens to give a clear statement, but the review compares it directly with similar lenses.. It is quite interesting..



  2. Vinay sundar
    Vinay sundar at |

    hi i am vinay sundar from india,its the same above said situation to me also,i had also shortlisted the lens like tammy,canon,sigma….but could not able to decide it…the budget is the top priority and the quality also…can u give me any suggestion/advice

    1. Baguslife
      Baguslife at |

      Hi Vinay,

      Thanks for your comment.. I will soon write an article about how we decided and how happy we are with the new lens.

      But to answer you directly here is what we did:
      After testing the Canon EF-S 17-55mm we rented the Tamron SP AF 2.8 17-50 (unfortunately the one with VC). In our opinion the Canon is far superior. Not only sharper but also the colors and the FAST  autofocus. 

      Both of us, Bea and Armin, share the same opinion about this lens..Since we bought it, the lens is mounted almost for every shoot. 

      Therefore.. It is worth the money and you are going to have a looot of fun with this lens for sure.

      Hope this helped.. :)


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