Great place to live..

We currently live at Franks Building Site. Frank actually comes from the states and has a lovely Panamanian wife Dilcia. He owns a good running Restaurant calles “La Ruina” which serves cheap but outreagous food. Besides that he is building up a Hotel on top of his wonderful house. For the next few days or weeks we will be staying in the first completed room of his future hotel.
For the moment we are waiting for swell to come in. In the meantime Frank introduced us to Rupert, another guy from the states and a Panamanian Surf Legend. You could listen to his stories about minus tides and Surf Camps with Guides that are “loco in the coco” and the Panamanian Surf History for hours. We are mainly laying arround like dead dogs but playing with the dogs, eating everything we get our hands on or visiting neighbour villages with Frank (who functions also as a tourist guide), trying to hitchihiking and ending up in a car with stoned people or riding public buses (and sitting beside a chicken).
We discovered that banana functions as the local alternative to stuff we are used to with potatos (e.g. Banana Fries or Chips).
Next time more about an amazing local spot right next door, surfing 300m long waves and searching the lost parot.

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