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Armin & Bea

Bagus is balinesian and means good. Baguslife is about our travels, our activites, it is about our life – and we consider it to be a good life.

We write this blog on one side for our friends, families and relatives, so that they always know what we are or were doing. On the other side we want this to be a information source for all fellow travelers, traveling to the same destinations as we are or were. We would be delighted if we could help someone to decide where he wants to go.

Getting more and more into blogging we discovered a new love – Photography. 2 Years later, Photography is next to our outdoor activities our main hobby. We try to get better every time we get our hands on our camera. If you have any advice, feel free to comment, we love constructive inputs!

Please to contact us, when there are questions or you need a tip about a future travel plan..but remember..there is a commenting function, too..


Bea Anliker

Photography & Post Processing

Bea AnlikerI love to travel. This love started when I was younger and is still growing stronger and stronger. I always traveled on a tight budget. Thats why I don’t understand it when people living in Switzerland tell me, that they couldn’t afford a trip to Bali (or somewhere else overseas). With my pictures and the information on this blog I try to inspire people that everything is possible – even without a lot of money. If you really want to go traveling, it is not the money that stops you from doing it, but it’s the coziness of your well known environment. I hope some of our readers get that ultimate urge to go out an discover because of our pictures and this blog.

You can contact me by mail: bea@baguslife.com


Armin Wurmser

Photography, Blog, SEO

armin wurmser baguslife.comI always had respect of photographers who took brilliant pictures. I never believed that somewhen I would be one that tries to take good pictures, too. I mean this started small on our trip to central and south america with a Canon S95. But soon we discovered that taking pictures is more than just creating memories and decided to buy some more adanced gear, such as the Canon EOS 7D. Anyway, besides the new love of documenting our life (especially all the sport we are doing), I started to like the idea of a photoblog. I think it is nice to inspire people with what we do. If some get out in the nature and have fun partly because they saw our pictures, blog entrys or suggestions, then the whole idea of our blog worked out pretty good. To show people that our nature is beautiful and worth to discover (no matter where we live) is much easyer with pictures than with text. Therefore our strong focus on pictures.

My e-mail adress is: armin@baguslife.com


“Protecting”, being cute & eating whatever I can get

378404_2913306319645_2105591238_nNica grew up on the streets of Italy and has the highest “Street credibility” out of the three of us. Since she once had to fight for her food, she still has the urge to search (and find) food where ever we go. When she has almost no more fur, this doesn’t means we are bad to her, but that she had success finding some food somewhere. Unfortunately she is allergic to a lot of food, but since she doesn’t know it (and probably even if she would know it) she still eats all that stuff and then looses her fur. Sad but true. We think she is happy, tough.


Protecting, being cute & hunting even the smallest insects

cuscusMore information about our newest family member, soon.

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